A clutch is a small bag carried by hand and they are made in diverse sizes and shapes. They can be worn for numerous occasions extending from dinner or evening dates (here it can be referred to as evening clutch bags), meetings and any other type of outing. However, some clutches are fairly large which makes it essential to come with straps or handles. They are typically referred to as large clutch handbags and they hold the main physical features of being thin and they can also be handheld.

Clutches can add to any look or dress, but a small clutch purse with large handles may alter the look you are trying to put together. The question “should clutch purse come with a strap?” has had contentious answers. Some say that the band or handle reduces the risk of forgetting it at an event while others say that it helps keep their purse safe around their hand even in comatose situations. Although all these things are true, proper knowledge of how your clutch purse or bag should be carried helps upsurge your level of awareness. A clutch purse with handle doesn’t stop you from forgetting your purse at an event or an occasion if care is not taken.

It is essential to remember that clutches can be held at the bottom with one hand, it can be held from the top. They can also be held with both hands or under the arm (be sure to change hands or position). Below are three clutch purses types and how straps or handles fit on them classic clutch purses. This is the general term for all clutches, small enough to be held within one hand. They could be triangular, rectangular or even circular. All shapes and sizes are readily available and all fashion accessories, branded or not branded come at pocket friendly prices, so you don’t have to worry about the cost, especially if you are shopping online.


It can also be called the envelope bag because of its four-sided shape and triangular top. This can come with or without straps or handles.


This type of clutch purse can have handles or straps since they are larger than and contain more spaces than the usual purses. This type of large clutch purse is suitable for office, meetings, and presentations because of its size and the extra pockets within the bag.

There is a wide variety of clutches for all occasions. Also, some stores online release various discount offers for its customers. You can avail various brands and numerous products at bargain prices around the year if you follow seasonal sales for your next shopping. 


These bags are small and do not require straps or handle, they can contain your phone, keys and you’re your touch up make-up. They add style and glamour to your dressing.

Aside from adding to our looks, a clutch is supposed to help us feel light and free when going for an event and since everyone is blessed with the opportunity of choice, we can, therefore, decide what works for us. If you know you have the tendency of forgetting your purse do ensure to get a clutch purse with handle especially one that is detachable, that way you get to look chic and more presentable during your entry.

How to select the right Clutch

Add attitude with accessories for those fashion-forward finishing clutches all about accessories for injecting individuality into your look. Find festive hats and floral tops to bumbags and body glitter, play up your party attire with a touch of pastel nail polish and make a declaration in large sunglasses. Forget less is more, this season we’re all for out-there hair, beauty and jewelry.

  • Croc Clutch Bag with Bar – White
  • Croc Metal Circle Clutch Bag with Chain
  • Velvet Ribbed Glitter Box Clutch Bag & Chain
  • Triangle Ring Handle Clutch Bag – Hot Pink

You can buy these and much more from major online fashion collections provided by the best designers across the world to turn your lifestyle and fashion style a notch higher. It’s time for a wardrobe overhaul with amazing choices available online to help you save big!

Fashion is an art form. It is not only wearable art, but an expression and reflection of the person that is wearing it. Fashion is an important part of life, as it always follows what is going on in the persons personal ecological habitat. The international community was forced to re-think fashion timelines, and the way materials are used and made. Many countries, such as here in France have made a choice to react in some positive ways. Textile production is now a priority. Using more organic and environmentally friendly materials and handling is also a part of this. The questions are, what does the designers think of this around the world. What is their feeling on going forward from this? We interviewed four designers from different backgrounds to see through their eyes, how they will be moving forward.

As we slowly open up as an international community of fashion, countries, and people, fashion was also greatly affected. The empty streets were no exception either as the fashion world was put on hold as the Fashion Week in Paris was wrapping up. Borders closed, government mandated quarantines and confinements occurred; and the world has and, in some areas, still is, working through the effects of this zoonotic disease from bats. This virus has forced us to realize that we are a part of this planet ecologically, and when nature wants, we are a part of it, and not separate from it. A lot of positives have come about from this time in reflection as many were separated and had to deal with their own inner thoughts and reflections. The world was able to pause and take a breath; and to understand our place.

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