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FabFitFun is a team of self-starters, working together to achieve their mission. It’s a fast-paced environment, but they always take the time to celebrate birthdays, big wins and cheer each other on. FabFitFun was founded in 2010 and is backed by tier-one investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Upfront Ventures, and Simon Venture Group.

When FabFitFun launched its flagship product, the seasonal subscription box, in 2013, it had around 2,000 members. The boxes offered little variation and were curated with products based on co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of its media arm Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens’ personal preferences. But as the company grew — now to over one and a half million members — it naturally had to tweak its product.

For some people, beauty subscription boxes are an ideal way to find new products. They only require a small investment of time and money and, in exchange, you get exposure to diverse products handpicked by experts.

But if you’ve ever subscribed to one, you might find that you accrue tiny sample bottles faster than you can use them. I’ve personally found that monthly arrivals are too frequent for my lifestyle; they always seem to grow into a small sample store under my bathroom counter, like a miniature travel-sized shopping mall.

If you like the idea of subscription boxes but would prefer to get full-sized products, you might want to look into FabFitFun, the subscription service that delivers members a box every three months.

For $49.99 per shipment, FabFitFun boxes feature over $200 worth of full-sized beauty products and a seasonal collection of goodies, gadgets, and accessories.

FabFitFun has emerged into an exciting and entirely new distribution channel that brings retail to the platforms where consumers are most engaged. The company’s personalized connection with its community allows brands to better understand and interact with consumers – establishing a long-term relationship rather than simply a transaction.

How FabFitFun works

  1. Order the box. For $49.99, you’ll get a box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products hand-picked by the FabFitFun team. This signs you up for a seasonal membership, so you’ll be charged $49.99 and sent a box of goodies four times a year.
  2. Customize it. Choose products and add-ons for each season that you want in your box. Or, keep it all a surprise.
  3. Check out the perks of membership. FabFitFun members can save up to 70% on box add-ons, capsule sales, and exclusive offers from their brand partners. You’ll also get access to its workout videos platform, FABFITFUNTV.

What you can expect to be in a box?

The majority of each box consists of full-sized beauty products, but you can also always expect a few gadgets and seasonal accessories.

It has a good mix of new products — like a Makeup Eraser that removes makeup with just water — and popular items I’d wanted to try, like Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub and Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler from Drybar. The diversity helped me expand my horizons, and get around to trying some new products I’d been eyeing anyway.

FabFitFun Memberships

When you sign up for FabFitFun, you become a “seasonal member” by default. You’ll get a new box every season until you cancel. The promo codes can knock off $10 or so but are only good on your first box. For every box thereafter, you’ll be charged the full price of $49.99. If you only want one box, you must opt-out of the default renewal feature or cancel your subscription outright or you will be charged for another box every three months.

Another membership option is the “select” annual membership. You pay one charge of $179.99 upfront for an entire year of boxes—four of them, to be exact—at a net savings of $20 over the seasonal membership. The select membership also gives you access to earlier shipping, exclusive deals, and more customization options—if you hate surprises and want to customize all of the products, the select membership allows you to do that.

With both membership options, your subscription will auto-renew, either seasonally or annually, until you cancel. You can also add more products to your boxes on top of the automatic eight to 10 products that you receive.

There are frequent sales, particularly for add-on products. The sales are available to all members, but select members have earlier access to them, a perk because products can sell out. All members also have access to an exclusive sale called the “Edit,” which contains products for up to 70% off. If you didn’t get a certain product in your box that you want, this is an opportunity to do so at a discounted price.

There’s also a page on the FabFitFun website for “Exclusive Offers” available to members. It contains offers on products from current and past box brands that you can get year-round, not just during an add-on sale. If you really enjoy a product, for example, you can see if it’s available on the “Exclusive Offers” page and potentially won’t have to pay the full price for it elsewhere. FabFitFun sends emails about all of the sales, so you won’t have to stalk the website every day (unless you want to).

Additional Perks

In addition to the curated box, members have access to FabFitFun TV. It streams on-demand videos containing cooking instruction, comedy bits, product demos, and a library of workouts from “elite fitness gurus” designed for people at every fitness level. Members also have access to a community forum on the website, where folks can ask for advice and share their tips on travel, cooking, DIY projects, and more.

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