Ever imagined how it would be for a man wearing a tuxedo, formal shoes, carrying off an enviable personality, but wearing a casual, rubber band watch! Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

As runners, we’re unceasingly towards accomplishment for the split-second edge. As engineers, we’ll take any defense to tinker with the status quo. It all came composed through a run through downtown Oslo on a morning in early spring. Every time we watched down to check our pulse, our pace, our progress, the placement of our watches slowed us down. We were behind time whenever we attempted to gain it. That’s when we realized that our watch bands were stuck in a preceding century.

During World War I, watches made a fundamental move: from the pocket to the wrist. However, the 21st century has brought new connections between the watch and the human body. It’s time for a watch band that can help us move onward. Two years of thinking, later we’ve intended a band that offers best, easy viewing of your watch no material how you move through the day- whether you’re running, cycling or looking at the shopping list in the store. Positioned in the natural line of sight, your watch is better able to do its job (and so is the human that wears it). From pocket to wrist to sport, we are pleased to be modernizers of the long-awaited development of watches. Help us change the face of time as we help you SHIFT into an advanced gear.

Wearing a sports watch with a rubber band is an utter disrespect of the attire you are in. To be a proper fashion icon, you must pay equal consideration to the watch you choose to match your dress. Gone are the times when a wristwatch was just a timepiece. It is a very basic fashion accessory today and a watch has the ability to make you look stunning or a fashion disaster. So, it is mandatory that we are extra careful about matching our watch to the attire. You can find a watch of any shape, color, or brand easily through online stores without having to spend extra money on itinerant to a store.  

Formal Attire – Digital or Analog Watch?

Formal Attire – Digital or Analog Watch?

This is highly contingent on how you carry it off, because the design and look of both kinds of watches are completely dissimilar. The digital watches are made with a giant LED display which shows the time in numeric form. Their design is more of a casual design and more suitable for relaxed parties. On the other hand, analog watches are built with hands along with numbers in a circular or rectangle format. Analog watches generally bear a more composed and proper look as compared to digital watches which are categorized by their athletic look. Analog watches are therefore considered being the best for formal events.

Leather complements leather

Yes, you can also select the best watch for your attire matching it to your shoes. Just like, you match your belt and shoes, choose a watch with a suitable wrist band accordingly. For instance, if you are wearing black leather shoes and belt, then it is better to match it up with a watch having a black colored leather waistband. That will be a perfect way to accessorizing and make you look like the perfect gentleman. You can find some of the best leather watches from renowned brands at cheap prices online.

Metal matches metal

Other than the wristband, the metal case of the watch must also match your attire. The case can be of any and the finish of the watch case must be considered here. You have to choose between matte, shiny, crystal studded finish. The case can be silver, gold, platinum and even titanium. So, make sure you are wearing the same color belt with your outfit as the color of your case. Metal casing in watches is fading out of the fashion world lately, therefore if you get it, don’t forget to pair it with gold or silver accessories.

Heirloom watches can break all rules

Heirloom watches represent loyalty, and add charm to the person wearing it. This is the reason that heirloom watches are not subjected to the strict rules of matching outfit with watch. An heirloom watch does not shout out styles in latest trend, but family history and culture and vintage. So, you can confidently wear this watch with just any kind of outfit and look stylish however!

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