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Get 5% Off Your Order Sitewide

Get 5% Off Your Order Sitewide
Expired On December 31, 2022
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    Complimentary Free Shipping On All Orders

    Complimentary Free Shipping On All Orders
    Expired On December 31, 2022
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn’t
  • LifePro is about all the times you’ve gotten on the scale and felt like that number defined you, all the times you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person staring back at you, all the times you walked in a room and didn’t feel like the confident and beautiful you that you are, all the times you promised yourself that this time you would reach your goals, all the times you’ve started over and all the times you felt alone in the process. This is about taking the control back and changing not just your body, but your life. This is about a new way. Come join us on this journey and never feel alone in your fitness journey again. Before we look into the magnificent products that LifePro has to offer, lets look at the benefits of the technology it unleashes.

    In one of the largest studies of its kind, the European Association for the Study of Obesity concluded that when used correctly, vibration platforms may help users lose weight and trim the particularly harmful belly fat between the organs.

    Scientists found that overweight or obese people who regularly used the equipment in combination with a calorie-restricted diet were more successful at long-term weight loss than those who combined dieting with a more conventional fitness routine.

    This is great news for people who may have limited mobility or painful joints that prevent participation is more strenuous exercise routines.

    One of the more intriguing uses of WBV is in the area of pain reduction. In a study from Indiana University, it was discovered that whole-body vibration exercise may reduce pain symptoms and improve aspects of quality of life in individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.

    Patients often avoid “traditional” exercise out of fear of pain that comes from increased activity.  Over time, these individuals see continued weight gain because of their inactivity.  This often leads to a downward spiral of a more sedentary lifestyle, increased weight gain, and a subsequent worsening of symptoms.

    It should be noted that the vast majority of fibromyalgia sufferers are women. But, the benefits of whole-body vibration are not limited to fibromyalgia. Many users find relief from knee pain caused by past surgery and even osteoarthritis. Another study concluded that people suffering from chronic pain due to osteoarthritis in the knee demonstrated lower pain intensity when they used whole-body vibration along with a home-based exercise routine than individuals doing the exercise alone.

    Quist went on to say, “I’ve seen some remarkable results in terms of bone density — working better than conventional exercise — plus good effects on circulation and muscle stimulation for those who can’t do conventional exercise.”

    This result is of powerful significance to elderly users. Poor bone mineral density is strongly associated with bone fractures, particularly in the hip; another condition that is more common in females. Science seems to back this up. In one study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2004, 90 postmenopausal women used a vibrational platform for 30 minutes, three times per week for a total of six months. Belgian researchers found an increase in bone mineral density of nearly 1%.  Additionally, they found a measurable increase in muscle strength.

    These unique characteristics of WBV can have additional benefits, as seen in another study showing that elderly people, who could not participate in traditional strength training programs saw improvements in muscle strength and speed of movements; This from a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society.

    Under the proper conditions, the research says there are even more areas in which whole-body vibration can provide relief; such as:

    • Reducing back pain
    • improvements in strength
    • Improvements in balance in older adults
    • Increasing neuromuscular performance
    • And improving the quality of life
    • Convenience of use

    Whole body vibrations (WBV) have been shown to calm the nervous system and relieve stress and pain throughout the body. Therapeutic vibrations increase blood flow, improve your circulation, and protect your nerves and bones, repairing old injuries, and loosening stiff joints in the process.

    You get all of that and more with the LifePro Waver Mini Vibration Plate. This compact workout companion is easily storable and a great rehabilitation tool. It can also provide a killer workout depending on how you use it. It’s great at boosting metabolism and increasing circulation, which forces your body to burn more fat and reduces the appearance of cellulite – score! It’s easy to use, affordable, and accessible to all ages looking to sweat, tone, and rehabilitate.

    A 25% reduction in Cellulite, increased blood circulation, toning, and strengthening your legs and core are just a few of the benefits of owning a vibration plate, heck, even NASA has carried out studies on these things and has praised their rehabilitation powers. And thankfully, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a high-end machine to reap the health benefits of these amazing machines.

    There’s no doubt about it the LifePro is a budget vibration plate at under $200, still, when we compare it to others in this price range it’s impressive. And here why. First, we have to look at the weight. The weight of the machine is by far the most important feature anyone should look for when purchasing a vibration plate.

    Not only does the weight of the Vibration plate give us a good clue to the quality of materials used, but the weight of the plate will also affect how much energy is lost from the plate while vibrating. If the vibration plate is too light it’s going to shake too much the energy will disperse in all different angles, sideways, down, and up. This is something we want to avoid. A heavy machine will stay more planted to the floor which allows most of the energy to travel upwards into our bodies.

    Sadly, most budget machines do suffer from being light so were always going to get some energy displacement, but when we consider most machines in this price bracket weigh around 20lb at least the LifePro gives us an extra 3rd in weight or 10lb extra, it doesn’t sound much but it can make big difference. So, yes for a budget vibration plate 30lb is an impressive weight.

    LifePro Turbo 3D vibration plate exercise machine provide whole body and multidirectional vibrations to calm the nervous system, drain the lymphatic system for improved metabolism and weight loss, improve bone density, and strengthen the core for greater balance. Much like rubbing a bumped shin or shaking an injured finger, the exercise machine stimulates your nerves, blocking out pain, relieving built-up tension and soothing your joints as your brain focuses on motion, not pain. Whether you’re fighting lower back pain, aching knees, or arthritic joints, stepping on The Turbo vibration plate will give you immediate and noticeable relief.

    What Customers are Saying?

    • Debbie L – Flex cycle under Desk Bike

    Flex cycle under Desk BikeI work from home and just put it together yesterday. So far, I like it, because I know that it there so I use it. It is easy to use several times a day

    • Melanie – I love it

    It’s so simple. It is definitely toning but it’s really increasing my circulation as well as lymphatic system! I love it!

    • Dianne S –

    Helped with my Bell’s palsy!! Thanks!

    • Michele K

    It’s still early days and as much as I’d like to rush things, I’m heeding your advice to proceed slowly. Having said that, I definitely feel that it is going to benefit my balance and my overall sense of wellbeing.

    • Irvin R – Flex Stride Pro Calf Leg

    My wife is very pleased with it. Great to exercise my ankles as well as they have limited movement. It could use a higher level of resistance!